Jesús Martínez-Padilla

Behavioural and evolutionary ecologist

Research Interests


I am mainly interested in the evolutionary ecology of animal behaviour in wild birds. Most of my work focuses on the mechanisms that explain the variation of animal behaviour and their meaning within an evolutionary context. I use red grouse (Lagopus lagopus scoticus), common kestrels (Falco tinnunculus) and pied flycatchers (Ficedula hypoleuca) as model species which allow me to use a combination of experimental work integrating behavioural, physiological, molecular, biogeographical  and quantitative genetic tools.

Brief CV - post-doctoral experience


· January 2016 - ongoing. Research Unit of Biodiversity UMIB, Mieres, Asturias (Spain)

· September 2015 - December 2015. Research Fellow. Centre d'Etudes Biologiques de Chizé / Université de La Roselle (France).

· Nov 2014 - August 2015. PDRA. Estación Biológica de Doñana. Department of Ethology and Biodiversity Conservation.

· 2013 - Nov 2014. Honorary Researcher. Instituto de Investigación en Recursos Cienegéticos (CSIC-UCLM-JCCLM)

· 2010 - 2013. Research Fellow (JAEdoc). Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (CSIC), Department of Evolutionary Ecology, Madrid, Spain.

· 2007 - 2010. PDRA. University of Aberdeen, School of biological Sciences. Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

· 2004 - 2006.  PDRA. Centre for Ecology and Hydrology - Banchory, Scotland, UK.

· 2004. PhD. Universidad de Alcalá, Madrid, Spain.

Contact (email is best - I'm moving quite a bit lately)

Jesús Martínez-Padilla

Research Unit of Biodiversity UMIB, Mieres, Asturias (Spain)

C. Gonzalo Gutiérrez Quirós s/n,

33600 Mieres, Asturias (Spain).

email me at jmartinezpadilla12 [at]

skype me at jesus.martinez.padilla


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