Jesús Martínez-Padilla - Behavioural and evolutionary ecologist

Research projects

Awarded as PI

2015. 36,000€. Research project: "Effet des conditions de développement sur le stress et le vieillissement: une étude éco-physiologique". Funded by Université La Rochelle Rochelle. In collaboration with: Dr. F. Angelier.

2010. 3,300€. Royal Society Travel Grant to Attend the 13th International Behavioral Ecology Congress of the International Society of Behavioral Society. Perth (Australia).

2010 – 2013. 87,000€. Research Fellowship (JAE-doc). Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas -CSIC-). Madrid (Spain). Supervisor. J.A. Fargallo. Research project:  "The role of intrinsic and extrinsic factors on carotenoid allocation trade-offs in nestlings of Eurasian kestrel Falco tinnunculus". Funding awarded by CSIC.

2007. 3,945€. Male plumage characters triggering aggressive behaviour. Funded by Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour.

2005. 2,500€. Assessing healthiness of wild raptors. Funded by the National Birds of Prey Trust.

September 2004 — September 2006. 40,320€. Research fellowship at Centre for Ecology and Hydrology—Banchory. Supervisor: Dr. B. Arroyo. Research project: "What is the effect of reversed sexual size dimorphism on offspring fitness?: An experimental approach". Funding Awarded by Spanish Education and Science Ministry.

2003. 2,000€. Research project: "Viability and effect of raptor abundances on management: the case of Eurasian kestrel and Skylark". Funded by SEO – BirdLife.

In-between PI and part of the research team

2016-2018. 180,241€. Research project: "The  evolutionary  ecology  of  phenotypic  plasticity  of  morphological, life history and behavioural traits in wild birds". PI. Dr. L. Garamszegi. Research team (pied flycatcher team): Prof. J. Potti., Dr. J. Martínez-Padilla and C. Camacho.

Awarded as part of the research team

2016-2018. 120,000€. Research project: "Exploring movement: dispersal of common voles (Microtus arvalis) in fragmened landscapes". PI. Dr. J.T. García. Research team: Dr. J. Viñuela, Dr. J. Martínez-Padilla among others.

2015-2017. 120,000€. Research project: "Evolution of complex phenotypes: linking melanic coloration, behavior and physiology in birds". PI. Dr. D .Parejo. Research team: Prof. A. Roulin, Dr. J. Martínez-Padilla and Dr. J. Avilés.

2015-2017. 100,000€. Research project: "Scientific solutions for biological control of vole plagues with ecological support: improving habiat, biodiversity and human health". Funded by BBVA. PI. Dr. Viñuela. Research team: Dr. J. Martínez-Padilla, Dr. J.T. García, Dr. P. Olea,  Prof. J. Martín.

2011-2012. 10,000€. Research project: "The effect of the altitudinal gradient on stress response in passerines in the Chilean Patagonia". Co-PI with D. Gil., J. A. Fargallo, J. Martínez-Padilla and L. Pérez-Rodríguez. Funded by ENDESA.

2011-2013. 220,000€. Research project: "Food borne pathogens: implications in the dynamic and conservation of bird populations". Co-PI with J. A. Fargallo, G. Blanco, J.A. Lemus, JA Cuevas, M. G. Candela and B. Mila. Funded by Spanish Education and Science Ministry.

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