Jesús Martínez-Padilla - Behavioural and evolutionary ecologist

Sibling competition

Main collaborators: Juan A. Fargallo, David López and Juan Navarro.

I started my PhD working on the causes and consequences on hatching asynchrony in Common kestrels. During that time I was able to produce a very detailed data set that made me able to explore the effects of sex-dependent sibling competition on nestling of Common kestrels from a physiological perspective [3, 8]. My interests was expanded further to the nestling period, where we explored the mechanisms that determine the length of the post-fledging dependent period [23], both in collaboration with Pablo Vergara, Juan A. Fargallo and lately with David López.


Given the stubbornness of my colleagues working in Campo Azálvaro with our Common kestrel population, I have a complete lifetime monitoring of the individuals I monitored as chicks during my PhD. I take this enormous advantage to explore the fitness consequences of sibling competition and within-brood hierarchies on lifetime fitness.

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